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Critical Do’s and Don’ts of Renovating Period Homes Through Extensions

Critical Do’s and Don’ts of Renovating Period Homes Through Extensions
27 May 2021

A lot of unexpected issues are bound to arise when the period homes are to be extended for renovations. These issues include the matters like failing to secure the right permits or the necessity for replacing the outdated electrical systems.

Due to this reason, you have to be aware of the crucial do’s and don’t while renovating your period homes through house extensions in London.

For extensions, the period home renovation included thorough planning and to think ahead. These must be accomplished and at the same time, you have to work with the professionals for their legal guidance. Nevertheless, keep in mind certain factors about the do’s and don’ts of renovating the period homes through house extensions.
The Do’s of the Period Home Renovations For Extensions -
Look into the crucial do’s first.

i. Do Acquire the Proper House Extension Permits
Making an application for proper permits and consent is vital. Do not breach the local council regulation. Surely follow the heritage restrictions in case your period home is heritage listed.

So, make sure to consult the contractor and builder to ensure the extensions you are willing to do are actually permitted.

ii. Do Your Own Research
Do not miss out on this step - get your research work done. Researches involve identifying the crucial areas at home from where the extension can start by looking for a contractor suitable for your purpose. The extensions must improve the aesthetics and functionality both, while the other necessities like electrical and plumbing needs must be met. Professional guidance proves fruitful in this regard.

iii. Do Be True To Your Own Home
Ensure the planned extensions are matching the style of your home. It will be helpful in promoting a greater cohesive and consistent home, particularly for potential buyers. For instance, for the country kitchen, the steel appliances should not be added.
The chief matter here is ensuring that the created environment after extension should be modified to meet every family members' needs at present. At the same time, the extensions must be consistent with the look of the additional elements at home.

iv. Do Talk to the Neighbours For Sure
Surely, you cannot afford to forget to talk to your neighbors. You have to inform your near neighbors regarding your extension plans through renovations so that both can be sure that their homes will not be affected due to space and light.
The Don’ts of the Period Home Renovations For Extensions -
There are a series of do’s for extending a period home and even a few don’ts. Here are the don’ts discussed.

i. Do Not Try Doing It Yourself
There is no question of doing the home extensions all by yourself. You have to seek professional services for sorting out the necessities like electrical wiring, plumbing, and more.

Rather, the professional experts make sure to use the properly branded materials along with ensuring quality workmanship. Even they ensure the materials are matching the style of your period homes.

ii. Do Not Start Working Until There is a Detailed Plan
Deciding on a detailed plan is helpful in establishing the aesthetics and developing better-refined house extension plans. Above all, the detailed design plans ensure the existing elements within the home are neither encroached on each other nor affected in the given space.

So, you have to consult the experienced professionals who will be introducing you to the latest home extension ideas for incorporating the innovative approaches in the approach in storage and space maximization. The professionals even suggest the exact aesthetic interior designs befitting your visions.

iii. Do Not Forget the Contracts
It is necessary for you not to forget specific contracts based on the work type you are planning to execute. Ensure you are being guided by the right architect and builder, who can further help in advising the more essential contracts you might need.

iv. Do Not Make A Mistake in Assuming the Project Is Going To Be Straightforward
Some unexpected issues could come up at the time of period home extensions. You could have to take additional measures in terms of materials, space, services, and structures. So, it is essential in preparing for these possibilities and you must keep a contingency budget aside that is a minimum of 10% of the contract value.

Extensions of the period homes are indeed exciting for embarking on, but a list of do's and don'ts must be kept in mind which are associated with the project. So, make sure to consult professional builders for period home extension ideas. The professionals will exactly guide you in turning your vision into a truly delicate design, that will be brought to life with professional help.

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