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5 Reasons for Installing Tiles on Floors and Walls of Bathroom

5 Reasons for Installing Tiles on Floors and Walls of Bathroom
24 Aug 2020

Different from the other rooms of your house, there are several aspects that must for being considered at the time of designing the bathroom. The bathroom space's functionality and aesthetics have to be balanced. Moreover, to achieve a comfortable, highly functional, and hygienic bathroom, the homeowners in London consider the lighting, humidity, airflow, and temperature.

The chief of the many aspects to be stressed on is the flooring. Bathrooms are typical for producing lots of water and moisture, clearly stating the need for installing the materials capable of withstanding the environment, and the most suitable ones for the purpose are the tiles. That is why you need tiling services from experts in London.
Now we shall take into account five reasons supporting the tiles installation for the floors and walls of your bathroom.

i. Maintenance is Easier
Moisture and a small collection of water encourage mold and mildew growth and development in the floors and walls. While many materials are really hard for maintenance as they are infestation prone. For instance, water easily soaks underneath the laminate material, causes warping, welcomes the mildew, and moulds with a comfortable area to thrive.
But with the light-colored and white toned tiles for the floors and walls, maintenance is easier. The mildew and mold growth can be easily spotted and can be immediately cleaned before it worsens.

ii. Tiles are Moisture Resistant
Apart from moisture, the bathrooms are exposed to certain chemicals from the cleansers, shampoos, and soaps. All these chemicals are sure to damage both the walls and floorings of the bathrooms. Going in for tiling options, it is better to use the ceramic floors since they are non-porous as they are able to withstand the harsh chemicals. The stone tiles can be installed as they are great to work with the wet environment. Even the tiles have to be seal so they are strong against the harsh chemicals.

iii. Encourages Heat Retention
While using the radiant heating, the tiles keep the bathrooms much warm enough as they can retain heat much more than other material types. Generally, the tile flooring has the capability to conduct heat much better than laminate or wood, and tiles will not crack or damage over time.
The ceramic and stone tilings are well suited for the radiant heating and you will not have to be worried about your tiles when the winter season sets in.

iv. Tiles are Long-lasting and Durable
Highly durable and hard materials are used to make the bathroom tiles, hence, these are bound to last for a lifetime. As found out by the National Association of Home Builders, the ceramic bathroom tiles are sure to last for more than 40 years be with regular cleaning and proper maintenance.

v. Tiles Are Prevented From Undergoing Off-Gassing
Off-gassing is the process through which particular synthetic materials are releasing the volatile organic compounds, which are sure to pollute the indoor airs. All these gasses trigger the symptoms in the people suffering from allergies and chemical sensitivities. Hence, the tiles are ideal for the bathrooms as the natural materials are used for making the tiles and they do not undergo health-compromising off-gassing.

The tiles are highly suitable as flooring materials and can be easily used in the bathroom areas. From the reasons discussed above, the tiles are the perfect options as they avoid molds and mildew growth and development, and maintaining them is easy. They are moisture-resistant and are great for heat retention through radiation heating. They undergo the trouble of off-gassing since the natural and highly durable materials are used for manufacturing the tiles.

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